DONG Breaks Record for First Two Months of 2014

DONG Breaks Record for First Two Months of 2014

DONG Energy’s offshore wind farms have set a new record in January – and then again in February.

With a capacity factor of 70% in January and 71% in February, DONG Energy’s fleet of offshore wind turbines had the highest production ever. Even though the winter months usually are more windy than the summer-months, the figures are extraordinary and it falls back on the work done by the DONG Energy employees working offshore.

Michael Simmelsgaard , Head of Global Operation in DONG Energy, said:

“During January and February, we’ve been blessed with very high and continuous wind blowing at our offshore wind sites. This obviously contributes to the very high production we have had from our turbines.”

He adds that it can also be attributed to the work the DONG Energy employees have done offshore to keep the turbines available and ensure a high efficiency, which is difficult with very low accessibility, so being ahead of possible fault is critical.

“The impressive results can most certainly also be credited to a rock-solid performance from the teams working day in and day out servicing our fleet of turbines. Keeping high availability and high production require full attention on every part and component of the turbines ensuring that they are spinning as never before.”

With another 10 turbines coming online at the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm in January and February, the total fleet in Denmark and the UK counts approximately 900 turbines.

Head of Operations and Maintenance at DONG Energy’s 90 MW Burbo Bank Wind Farm, Lee Rollason, said:

“We have a robust system of forward planning for maintenance which assists us in only working when winds are low and we can access the turbines in order to maximise production when winds are high. “

Keeping high standards from the operations teams doesn’t just pay off in high production from wind farms. Lee Rollason explained:

“This site has 25 turbines, so that type of forward planning is in some ways easier to do, but we have a very high standard of maintenance which means that we keep availability high in order to increase production.  That high standard also extends into the health and safety culture at Burbo Bank – the positive team attitude towards health and safety assists in the can-do attitude of the team across what we do day-to-day.”


Press release, March 26, 2014; Image: DONG Energy

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