Dredging Plough – 20 Tons of Steel by Straatman

Image source: mfstraatman.com

Machinefabriek L. Straatman BV is currently producing a dredging plough with a total length of 14 meters and a weight of 20 tons.

Image source: mfstraatman.com

“We received the order to produce this big plough from a local tug and workboat company specialized in dredge support. Based on a typical design our dredging engineer executed the detail engineering of this custom-made plough. This approved design suits the specific requirements and wishes of our client,” said the company.

Besides the plough, Straatman also designed the hoisting beam. It will be produced by Straatman too and will be supplied with test certificate.

The main part has a length of 10 meters and can be extended to 14 meters by the use of 2 expansion pieces. These are produced by Straatman as well.

Typical parts of the plough

A typical part of a dredging plough are the so-called cutting teeth.

These wear parts are replaceable and used to scrape the river or seabed. This specific plough the company is building at the moment contains 88 pieces of cutting teeth.

Image source: mfstraatman.com