DTOceanPlus Makes 5 New Deliverables

The EU-funded DTOceanPlus project has produced five new deliverables that have been openly shared with the marine energy sector.

The aim of the DTOceanPlus project is to develop and demonstrate a suite of second generation advanced design tools for the selection, development and deployment of ocean energy systems, including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays.

The five documents mainly concern technical requirements of the different tools of the suite. They are the result of a quality collaborative work carried out with determination and efficiency by all the teams involved in the project.

These documents can be found by following this LINK.

DTOceanPlus, through the H2020 program, is part of the initiative launched by the European Commission concerning free access to scientific publications and research data.

The open source license under which the suite of tools will be distributed will provide free access to all interested parties.

With the budget of €8 million, the project should last until April 2021, and includes European companies with international partners from the United States.