Duo in pact to supply AUVs to oil companies

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ECA Group and Petrus have signed a cooperation agreement for the supply of underwater AUV-based services to oil companies.

ECA said last week that the two companies had entered into a partnership agreement to provide the offshore sector with inspection and survey services using an A18D autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) following market evaluation since June 2017.

The company added that the partnership guarantees a cumulative turnover of 6 million euros over the next four years to ECA Group, which can increase according to the rate of use of the drone.

According to the company, the agreement is the largest ever signed by ECA Group in the AUV sector for oil and gas.

Depending on the commercial success, additional A18D AUVs could be commissioned as part of this partnership.

ECA also added that the agreement could be extended to other robots in the company’s range such as A9 type portable AUVs (A9-S or A9-E) or ROVING BAT cleaning and inspection ROVs according to the needs.

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