Dutch firms interested in Mozambique gas sector

A trade mission to Mozambique representing 25 Dutch companies has met with enthusiastic interest from Mozambican businesspeople and investors.

 Dutch firms interested in Mozambique gas sector

The mission is headed by foreign trade minister Lilianne Ploumen. During the mission various events and meetings were organised with ministers and potential business partners, thereby strengthening cooperation between the two countries’ business communities.
The mission is focusing on opportunities for Dutch businesses in gas extraction and maritime infrastructure. Mozambique is a developing country, but thanks to recent gas discoveries – including a gas field three times the size of the gas bubble in Groningen – it will undergo rapid economic growth in the near future. The discoveries are expected to enrich the government’s coffers by many billions of euros by 2018.

“The Netherlands has a lot to offer Mozambique when it comes to gas extraction,’ Ploumen said. ‘Dutch expertise has solutions for the challenges and problems Mozambique is now facing. Maritime infrastructure and the gas sector are prime examples of areas offering major opportunities for Dutch businesses. This partnership could be mutually beneficial.”

Ploumen is equally keen to see Mozambican businesses and the poorest in society benefit from future revenue. ‘That is why we are supporting a range of initiatives maximising the involvement of local producers, as well as projects to clearly establish land rights,’ she added. ‘In future years, Mozambique will have the chance to leave poverty behind. Hopefully it will make this happen.”

As well as signing preliminary contracts, Ploumen has also discussed improving the trade and investment climate with the Mozambican authorities. During her visit Ploumen met with the Minister of Industry, Trade and Private Sector Development, the Minister of Transport and Communications and the Minister of Mineral Resources. She also opened a seminar on corporate social responsibility and visited a number of aid projects, in areas including water and sexual health.


Press Release, March 07, 2014


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