Dvorkovich, Davey Welcome UK and Russian Partnership in O&G Sector

Dvorkovich, Davey Welcome UK and Russian Partnership in O&G Sector

On 10th June 2013 Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, A. Dvorkovich and the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change E. Davey MP met in London and discussed UK – Russian cooperation in the energy sphere. Discussion focused in particular on the gas and nuclear sectors, as well as energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change.

The two sides:

Exchanged opinions on the prospects of development of the oil and gas markets, the role of multilateral energy fora, and prospects for progress in mitigating climate change domestically and negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change;

Noted the significant potential for cooperation in these areas, discussed the prospects for international oil and gas markets and noted the importance of attracting sufficient investment in infrastructure projects to ensure energy security;

Welcomed the partnership between UK and Russian companies in the oil and gas sector;

Emphasised that implementation of joint projects in the oil and gas sphere must be based on mutual benefit;

Noted the great potential around the world for nuclear power generation, with many countries developing ambitious civil nuclear programs. Russian and British companies already play a significant part in the global nuclear industry and are, therefore, well placed to cooperate to mutual benefit;

Noted the progress of Rosatom and Rolls-Royce towards implementation of the terms of the memorandum of understanding signed during the visit of British Prime Minister Cameron to Russia on September 12, 2011;

Agreed to create a Joint Working Group on Cooperation in the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy between Rosatom and DECC within the framework of UK-Russia Energy Dialogue;

Stressed the importance of continued cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy and expressed their appreciation for the work of the UK-Russia Consultative Committee on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Noted the importance of harnessing developments in the energy sphere to address the central challenges facing the international community in accelerating global economic growth and employment.

Agreed to facilitate a regular exchange of experience in the implementation of national policies in the field of energy efficiency.

Agreed to establish a regular energy dialogue, with meetings at senior official level at least twice a year, and ministerial meetings to be held annually.

Approved a Roadmap, which contains a number of practical steps to further our cooperation. Progress against the Roadmap will be monitored by Senior Officials and reported to Ministers annually.

Signed at London on 10th June 2013. In two originals, each in the Russian and English languages.


Press Release, June 11, 2013


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