East Cowes Marina Dredging Begins

A works license has been issued for dredging to commence at East Cowes Marina on 4th November 2014. The pontoons from Q to T have been removed including the two fixed red navigation lights marking the southern end of the marina.

The navigation lights have temporarily been replaced with a yellow flashing light which will remain in place until the pontoons are reinstated.

Dredging operations will be targeted on three marina bays; starting at the upstream end in bay T, then R-S, then P-Q. The operation will be carried out from a dredge pontoon called Doreen Dorward with the spoil being deposited into two split hopper barges called Nab and Needles.

The Nab and Needles will regularly transit the fairway (inbound and outbound).

Dredging is expected to be completed by 28th November 2014; this notice will expire upon completion of the operation and reinstatement of the fixed red navigation lights.

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