Photo: Courtesy of ECONNECT Energy

ECONNECT picked as partner for New Fortress Energy’s FLNG projects

Norwegian maritime engineering company ECONNECT Energy will provide its LNG transfer technology to U.S. energy company New Fortress Energy’s (NFE) fast LNG projects.

ECONNECT picked as partner for New Fortress Energy’s FLNG projects
Courtesy of ECONNECT Energy

ECONNECT Energy is currently fabricating two jettyless IQuay units to deliver to New Fortress Energy’s fast LNG projects. NFE’s fast LNG (FLNG) is a modular LNG production facility that will provide a low-cost supply of LNG for the growing global demand. The jettyless scope is to accelerate consumer access to natural gas.

Following the recent NFE announcement that it will deploy multiple Fast LNG units of 1.4 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) for LNG production in the Gulf of Mexico, ECONNECT Energy will provide the offshore transfer solutions for LNG and gas transfer between NFE’s offshore production and storage units.

“We are proud to be selected as a partner for NFE’s Fast LNG projects, advancing energy security for Europe and accelerating the global transition into cleaner energy,” said Morten Christophersen, CEO of ECONNECT Energy.

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The ongoing delivery from ECONNECT leverages the company’s marine infrastructure and LNG transfer operations experience,. It is designed to be scalable as well as compatible with a wide range of FSUs and FSRUs for continuous high-pressure gas or LNG transfer.

ECONNECT Energy’s patented transfer system, the IQuay, made history with the world’s first jettyless, floating transfer of LNG in 2017. Since then, it has been adapted for a variety of applications– from upstream LNG and green ammonia production to downstream carbon-free fuel and CCS. Flexibility is inherent in the system’s design, meaning the system can be connected to any FSU or FSRU.

NFE’s Fast LNG liquefaction design pairs advancements in modular, midsize liquefaction tech with jack-up rigs or similar floating infrastructure. Thus, it is enabling a much lower cost and faster deployment than today’s floating liquefaction vessels. The company targets operations in the first half of 2023.