Edge LNG unveiled its new facility in Texas

Due to the growing demand for its services, American gas company Edge Gathering Virtual Pipelines 2 (Edge LNG) has opened a new facility at the Permian Basin in Midland, Texas.

Courtesy of Edge LNG
Edge LNG expands its U.S. portofolio with a new facility
Courtesy of Edge LNG

The 10,000 square feet facility located in the heart of the Permian allows Edge LNG access to all major transport links vital in the transportation of LNG through its virtual pipeline.

The facility will serve as a focal point for Edge LNG’s Permian operations. It will allow customers to see equipment firsthand and offer the opportunity to attend training sessions to understand the company’s business model and operations.

The site will hold operating equipment of Edge LNG and its investor and exclusive technology partner Galileo Technologies. It will also serve as a training center for both companies.

Edge LNG is made possible by the Cryobox-Trailer, designed and manufactured by Galileo Technologies. Each unit can produce approximately 10,000 gallons (15 metric tons) of LNG per day, directly from the well or flare.

The address of the new office is 6412 S County Rd. 1273 Midland TX 79706, United States.