EdgeTech Bags Contract for Three Sonar Systems (USA)

EdgeTech Bags Contract for Three Sonar Systems (USA)

EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems, was recently awarded a contract from the Chicago Police Department Marine Unit for three 4125 Side Scan Sonar Systems.

The systems will be used by the Chicago Police Department for various critical search and recovery operations ranging from relocation of sunken boats, cars and aircraft to underwater surveys related to homeland security during waterfront festivals, VIP visits and Navy pier operations.

In addition to the wide area high resolution underwater search capabilities of the 4125 Systems, all units provided to the Chicago Police Department will have the unique ability to perform ship hull inspections. Additionally, the systems can be outfitted with depressor wings for deep water operations or pole mounted on a vessel for easy shallow water port and river work.

Two of the rugged, portable and easy-to-use 4125 Side Scan Sonar Systems are configured with EdgeTech’s ultra-high resolution frequency pair 600/1600 kHz, ideal for the many rivers, channels and harbors in the Police Department’s domain. The third unit is configured with dual simultaneous 400/900 kHz frequencies, ideal for wide area searches in and around Lake Michigan.

Commenting on the sale, RJ Jablonski of EdgeTech noted: “The 4125 Side Scan Sonar is a great tool for groups like the Chicago Police Department Marine Unit. The system is very versatile and has been proven many times over; finding submerged cars, boats and other objects of interest. The wide swath coverage combined with the high resolution images produced by the units is unmatched and truly helps search and recovery teams do their jobs quickly and confidently.”

Working with Karl Luttrell of Science Diving & Environmental Co., EdgeTech was able to secure the bid for multiple systems by outlining the superior characteristics and versatility of the system.


Press Release, October 16, 2012