EemsEnergyTerminal wellcomes both FSRUs

EemsEnergyTerminal welcomes both FSRUs

EemsEnergyTerminal in the Netherlands is now entering the next phase, making the terminal technically ready, after both of its FSRUs arrived at the terminal.

Courtesy of Gasunie
EemsEnergyTerminal wellcomes both FSRUs
Courtesy of Gasunie

This new LNG terminal at Eemshaven is to increase the security of the energy supply in order for the Netherlands and Europe to become less dependent on Russian gas. Until this year, the Netherlands only had an LNG terminal in the port of Rotterdam. The expansion in the Eemshaven and the optimisation of the terminal in Rotterdam will double the import capacity for LNG. The LNG terminal in the port of Eemshaven includes two floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs); the Exmar S188 and the Golar Igloo.

On 7 September, Gasunie reported that both FSRUs have arrived at Eemshaven.

The Golar Igloo (built by New Fortress Energy) arrived on 4 September 2022 and the Eemshaven LNG installation (built by Exmar) also arrived on 6 September 2022.

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Therefore, the project is now entering the next phase, which involves making the terminal technically ready.

The first LNG delivery will also follow this week, Gasunie said. LNG will then be converted into gaseous natural gas. Gas is expected to flow through Gasunie’s gas transport network for the first time in mid-September.

Various tasks to complete the project will take place in the coming weeks.

EemsEnergyTerminal expects to be able to receive, unload and ship around 18 LNG cargoes during the period up to 31 December 2022.