EEW SPC Bags Nobelwind Foundations Contract

EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH received an order from Nobelwind NV to manufacture 50 monopiles and one monopile foundation for the substation for the Nobelwind offshore wind farm (formerly Bligh Bank) in Belgium.

The offshore wind farm will have a capacity of 165 MW and is located approx. 47 km from the Belgium coast in the North Sea. It is expected to be put into operation in December 2017.

The foundations will be produced in Rostock from March to August 2016. This order is the third of its kind for EEW in Belgium, after Belwind and Northwind, which use monopile foundations manufactured by the company.

Nobelwind NV is a joint venture of the companies Meewind, Parkwind and Sumitomo.

Image: EEW SPC Rostock/Andreas Duerst, STUDIO 301