Egypt’s gas shortage wreaked havoc on Idku LNG’s exports

Egypt’s energy woes and inbound gas shortages have had a severe effect on Idku LNG plant’s exports in 2014. 

According to a senior official at BG Group, exports from the Egyptian LNG plant plummeted from approximately 50 shipments in 2013 to just 5 cargoes in 2014.

Daily News Egypt reports the official saying that 22 shipments of LNG are needed for the facility to achieve revenue and expenditure self-sufficiency.

An unnamed senior official from the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding company said that BG’s slow work on linking the Borollos field added to the decrease of gas production from Egypt.

The same source reportedly added that due to the needs of the domestic market, gas supplies to the Idku plant will be reduced.

Currently, the facility is receiving less than 100 million cbf of gas per day, and the amount is not stable, according to the BG Group’s official who added that the contracted amount with the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum is close to 1.1 billion cbf of gas per day.

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LNG World News Staff; Image: BG Group