ÉireComposites Completes Turbines for ORPC RivGen System

ÉireComposites has completed the turbines for ORPC’s commercial RivGen Power System slated for installation in the Kvichak River, Igiugig, Alaska.

This first commercial system will be installed in the Kvichak River at Igiugig this summer, and provide electricity to the remote community, offsetting the village’s diesel fuel use by up to one-half and moving it closer to using diesel fuel for emergency-backup only.

“ÉireComposites is delighted to have played a key part in the development of ORPC’s commercial RivGen Power System,” said Tomas Flanagan, ÉireComposites’ owner. “Our manufacture of the foils illustrates our company’s ability to use our core talents to develop innovative new commercial products.”

ORPC director of European Operations, James Donegan, added, “It’s been a pleasure to work with ÉireComposites and to benefit from their proprietary expertise, including their patented powder epoxy composite manufacturing method and utilization of a robust first-of-a-kind composite joint design that will increase reliability and service life of the RivGen Power System. With these ÉireComposites-built turbines, we will also increase turbine capture area and, thereby, increase power output.”

ORPC is nearing conclusion of a growth capital offering via Netcapital. A portion of the raise is reserved for Main Street investors, though primarily directed at impact and institutional investors under the SEC’s Crowdfunding rules adopted under the JOBS Act.

Design of the RivGen turbines is supported through funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The Igiugig RivGen Project is also supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).