EIVA Launches New Trigger Box (Denmark)

EIVA Launches New Trigger Box (Denmark)

EIVA has launched a new generation of trigger box, offering an improved 2D seismic topside unit solution.

In an effort to provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective solutions, EIVA now presents the NaviSuite Seismic Trigger. This new and improved topside unit replaces the first generation trigger box applied in 2D seismic operations where EIVA NaviPac controls the timing of the air guns.

The Seismic Trigger offers an optimised design, allowing easy access to the control panel when regulating parameters such as timing and output. Moreover, it is designed for rack-mounting, which means that it takes up minimum of space.

The technical specifications are identical to those of the first generation, and the NaviSuite Seismic Trigger is fully interoperable with its predecessor.


Press Release, August 5, 2013