ELBE to Hold Seminar in Sweden

Swedish innovation platform OffshoreVäst is inviting European stakeholders to a seminar dedicated to Blue Energy as part of the ELBE (Europe Leading Blue Energy) project.

The seminar will be arranged on May 21 at the Hotel Waterfront in Gothenburg, southern Sweden.

Attendees will get the chance to meet potential partners while discussing how to build international supply chains in Blue Energy.

The goal of this seminar is to strengthen the supply chain for blue energy in Europe.

It highlights opportunities and solutions from several perspectives, including materials, development, design and manufacturing. This will open up for possibilities of new collaborations and strengthen the supply chains.

International speakers will also highlight the state of the art and demonstrate ways to overcome the specific challenges of wave, tidal and floating offshore wind energy.

There will be B2B meetings and a possibility to network with key players from the Swedish offshore energy scene.

The Europe Leading Blue Energy (ELBE) project is coordinated by the Basque Energy Cluster in collaboration with AREG, De Blauwe Cluster, Offshoreväst and Offshore Denmark.