Photo: Elenger

Elenger’s LNG bunkering vessel nearing completion

Damen’s Yichang yard in China has recently launched a 6,500-cbm LNG bunkering vessel for Elenger, formerly known as Eesti Gaas.

Elenger's LNG bunkering vessel nearing completion
Image: Elenger

Following delivery in the first quarter of 2021, the vessel named Optimus will start supplying LNG to a wide range of ships in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea, especially the Gulf of Finland.

These include two new Tallink LNG-powered fast ferries under construction at Meyer Turku. Elenger is also part of Infortar group that includes Tallink, the ferry firm working in the Baltic Sea region.

Besides these ferries, the vessel will supply LNG via a ship-to-ship method to tankers, cargo ships, service craft and passenger vessels both in offshore waters and inside port areas.

It will be able to transfer up to 1000 cbm per hour of chilled fuel to customers, Elenger says.

Furthermore, the 100 meters long Optimus will have a class 1A notation enabling it to work all year round even in icy water conditions.