Elia picks geotechnical survey providers

Elia and 50Hertz have selected GEO.XYZ and G-TEC to provide geotechnical engineering services in the Belgian North Sea and the German Baltic Sea.


The selected companies are in charge of providing the geotechnical survey and soil sampling for submarine power cables.

GEO.XYZ will carry out drilling from 5 meters up to 10 meters in depth along the submarine cable route, while G-TEC secured a contract for deep drilling up to 100 meters.

The contractors will provide minor geophysical surveys to receive UXO clearance before geotechnical works, as well as survey design and planning, and seabed material sampling and full geotechnical lab tests.

GEO.XYZ and G-TEC are also in charge of the geotechnical survey to a nominal up to 5 and 10 meters below the seabed by coring and CPT for cable routes and in situ thermal conductivity measurements from the soil.

Elia and 50Hertz launched the pre-qualification procedure for the tender seeking geotechnical seabed survey services at the beginning of this year.