EMERGE Project Wraps Up Sea Trials

UmbraGroup-led Electro-Mechanical Reciprocating Generator (EMERGE) project has delivered sea trial in Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands.

The project is funded by Wave Energy Scotland within the innovation power take-off (PTO) Stage 3 call.

The Electro-Mechanical Generator (EMG) is an innovative direct-drive system able to convert linear, reciprocating motion into electricity.

It is based on the integration of a recirculating ballscrew and a permanent magnet generator.

This project should allow developing engineering solutions for survivability in the marine environment and give valuable information concerning the EMG performance in real sea conditions.

The UmbraGroup-led international consortium is made up of Supply Design, Seapower scrl, University of Edinburgh, JGC, Doosan, Bureau Veritas, HMS and Green Marine.

Video Source: Luca Castellini, Energy R&D and BD Manager at UmbraGroup