Endeavor Management Drafts Subsea Decom JIP

Endeavor Management has released a proposal for a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to support the industry’s need for global best practice development in subsea decommissioning.

The genesis of this JIP is the work completed for Petrobras by Endeavor Management to research global best practices for subsea decommissioning. This study benchmarked Petrobras and five additional operators. This initial study highlighted the need to perform more evaluation of specific subsea decommissioning topics, which are covered in this JIP.

According to Endeavor, companies who join its JIP study will benefit from the study’s focus on these areas:

– Develop an Economic Model to predict costs using three basic vessel types (Riserless Light Well Intervention, Workover Vessel with small bore riser, and MODU);

– Achieve MODU capabilities for subsea well P&A at a lower price;

– Examine resins as a replacement for cements in well P&A;

– Evaluate ways to improve methods and equipment to flush subsea infrastructure during decommissioning;

– Identify industry capabilities to perform Cement Bond Logging beyond the first casing string;

– Evaluate cutting through multiple casing strings and downhole control lines for P&A activities;

– Identify ways to sense conditions in outer annuli of existing subsea wells;

– Improve the design of OEM Equipment and Subsea Systems for more effective P&A in the future;

– Identify ways to measure and deal with well contaminants such as Mercury, Arsenic and NORM.

Bruce Crager, Executive Vice President of Endeavor Management, stated: “Endeavor Management is excited at the prospect of advancing industry practices in subsea decommissioning. We see this as one of the major strategic issues to address as our industry responds to market dynamics and we look forward to facilitating this industry collaboration.”