Left to Right of Picture-Andy Cuniah, new EIC chairman, Hugh Saville, outgoing chairman, Stuart Broadley, EIC CEO; Source: Energy Industries Council (EIC)

Energy Industries Council gets new chairman

As the current chairman is leaving the Energy Industries Council (EIC), an energy industry trade association and voice for the global energy supply chain, a new one has been appointed to take his place.

Left to Right of Picture-Andy Cuniah, new EIC chairman, Hugh Saville, outgoing chairman, Stuart Broadley, EIC CEO; Source: Energy Industries Council (EIC)

The Energy Industries Council reported last week that Bechtel Limited’s supply chain manager, Andy Cuniah, was appointed as the new chairman. In his new role, Cuniah will work towards the EIC’s goal of helping its member companies to export, diversify, and grow in a time when global net-zero and energy transition is sweeping across the sector.

Stuart Broadley, EIC CEO, commented: “We’re thrilled to welcome Andy Cuniah as the new chairman of the EIC. His experience in the energy industry, combined with his passion for our mission of promoting the UK’s energy industry abroad, make him the ideal leader for our organisation.

“We would like to extend our thanks to Hugh Saville for his exceptional leadership during his tenure as chairman. Over the years, his support has been invaluable in helping the EIC advance the energy industry’s supply chain interests and support members. His unwavering dedication has helped navigate disruptions and uncertainties, allowing EIC to continue its crucial work.”

The EIC, which represents over 900 supply chain companies across the energy industry, provides a range of services to its members, including market intelligence, export support, and networking opportunities. The trade association encompasses the entire energy sector, including renewables, nuclear, hydrogen, carbon capture, power, and oil and gas.

Andy Cuniah, EIC’s incoming chairman, remarked: “I am excited at the opportunities ahead for the EIC. The EIC has always had a bold ambition, and I look forward to working with our member companies to deliver on our three pillars of Export, Diversify, and Grow. This is more important than ever in a time with a global net-zero and transition conversation.

“With offices in Rio, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and London busier than ever, with the rollout of more countries and areas in EICSupplyMap database of supply chain companies, the organisation is continuing to grow and represent the members at all levels and regions. I would like to extend my thanks to Hugh Saville, my predecessor, who has guided the EIC through COVID, lockdowns and the most recent global disruptions.”

Furthermore, the EIC is continuing to expand its global presence to serve its members, as demonstrated by the organisation’s recent announcement about the expansion of its operations in Saudi Arabia with the appointment of the first Saudi-based membership manager.

Hugh Saville, EIC’s outgoing chairman, stated: “I am confident that Andy Cuniah’s experience and leadership will help the EIC continue its vital work in supporting the energy industry’s supply chain interests and promoting energy companies globally. I wish him every success in his new role as chairman.

“I would also like to thank the entire EIC team and our members for their support and hard work during my time as chairman. It has been an honour to serve this organisation and work towards advancing the interests of the energy industry’s supply chain.”

In a recent report, the Energy Industries Council outlined that the UK was pivoting towards renewable and low-carbon energy in a push to strengthen energy security, in the aftermath of geopolitical challenges, energy and climate crises along with economic side effects from the turbulent events that marked 2022.