Eni’s 3Q Production Drops Due to Libyan Disruptions

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Eni's 3Q Production Drops Due to Lybian Disruptions

Eni announces results for the third quarter and the nine months of 2011. Adjusted operating profit: €4.61 billion in the quarter (up 12%); €13.71 billion in the nine months (up 9%);

Hydrocarbon production still affected by the Libyan disruptions: down by 13.6% inthe third quarter of 2011 to 1.47 mmboe/d (down by 12.4% in the nine months). When excluding price effects and the impact of lower Libyan output, production for the quarter was unchanged (down 0.8% in the nine months);

Exploration & Production

Eni reported liquids and gas production of 1,473 kboe/d for the third quarter of 2011 down by 13.6% from the third quarter of 2010 reflecting disruptions in the Libyan output as Eni’s producing sites continued to be shut down in the quarter, with the exception of the Wafa field to support local production of electricity. Eni resumed activities in Libya at the end of the quarter by restarting the Abu-Attifel field. Performance for the quarter was also negatively impacted by lower  entitlements in the Company’s PSAs due to higher oil prices with an overall effect of 37 kboe/d compared to the year-earlier quarter (approximately 35 kboe/d from the first nine months of 2010), in addition to the above mentioned loss of Libyan output amounting to an estimated 200 kboe/d (down by an estimated 180 kboe/d for the first nine months of 2011). Net of those effects, production for the quarter was unchanged from the third quarter of 2010, while it was down by 0.8% in the first nine months of 2011, helped by production growth achieved in Norway, Italy and Egypt.

Update on the Libyan situation

The environment in Libya has been progressively stabilizing recently. In August and September a number of contacts took place between Eni and the Interim Transitional National Council in order to identify terms and conditions for quick and complete resumption of Eni’s activities in the Country, including the restart of the GreenStream pipeline, transporting gas from Libya to Italy. Following these contacts, Eni in collaboration with the management of the Libyan Oil Company, NOC, defined a recovery plan covering all productive sites and installations. The Abu Attifel field was the first to start production. Eni’s offices in Tripoli also re-opened.

More importantly, operations for the restart of the GreenStream pipeline are progressing with a target to gradually resume export to Italy. Considering that no damage has been reported at Eni’s production plants and transportation facilities, management believes that it is likely that oil production will flow at the pre-crisis plateau in about twelve months, while gas volumes ramp-up will be achieved in less time, estimated in few months. Eni and the Libyan counterparts confirmed the validity of the existing petroleum contracts.

Paolo Scaroni, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“Eni delivered excellent results in the quarter. I am very pleased by the fast resumption of hydrocarbon production in Libya and the restart of the GreenStream pipeline. We have strengthened our portfolio thanks to the agreements with Gazprom which initiate the development of our upstream operations in Siberia, and to our continued exploration successes, most recent of which was in Mozambique where we made the largest hydrocarbon discovery in Eni’s history.”

Source: Eni, October 27, 2011

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