EnVen Regains Control of Gulf of Mexico Well. Gas No Longer Flowing

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) confirmed yesterday that the flow of natural gas from the A-7 well, Vermilion Block 356, has been stopped by pumping weighted drilling fluids into the well. The well is located in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 108 miles southwest of Lafayette, Louisiana.

 EnVen Regains Control of Gulf of Mexico Well. Gas No Longer Flowing

While the natural gas flow has stopped, there is additional work required to secure the well that includes setting barriers to ensure that no natural gas is released. Barriers also ensure safety of the well and personnel during operations. BSEE will review all procedures for efforts to secure the well.

BSEE approved EnVen’s procedures for the pumping operation, which began at 4:45 p.m. CST January 31, 2014. The well was monitored overnight to ensure that the flow did not resume.

BSEE is leading the coordinated response with the Coast Guard. BSEE will investigate the incident.

To remind, the operator, EnVen, reported Thursday that it was drilling from the jack-up rig, Rowan Louisiana, when the well began to flow natural gas. The flow was diverted overboard and work began to stop the flow. No visible sheen has been reported. All production from the A-Platform, which is located under the jack-up rig, remains shut-in. As a precaution, personnel onboard the platform were evacuated. No injuries have been reported.


Press Release, February 02, 2014


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