DUG managing director Matthew Lamont

Equinor taps DUG technology for seismic

ASX-listed high-performance computing experts DUG Technology and Norwegian energy giant Equinor have signed a multi-year deal covering seismic processing and imaging technology.


Under the deal, Equinor will replace existing third-party technology with an integrated solution using DUG McCloud, a platform that allows clients to mix and match DUG’s high-performance computing as a service (HPCaaS), seismic processing and imaging (P&I) services, as well as its Insight geoscience software.

The company’s managing director Matthew Lamont said the team at Equinor thoroughly evaluated every aspect of the DUG McCloud platform.

“We demonstrated that the ease of use, effectiveness and productivity of DUG Insight within the McCloud environment have the potential to provide short and long-term benefits, not to mention saving considerable money along the way.”

The company has developed an advanced cooling method which reduces energy use and increases the life and efficiency of its hardware.

Specifically, the DUG Cool system, with standard high-performance computing server submerged in a special fluid, delivers total power savings of about 46 per cent over a traditional, air-cooled room.

“The patented cooling system enables us to operate some of the greenest supercomputers in the world and we’re looking forward to offer this technology to Equinor,” Dr Lamont also said.