Estonia: BLRT Rekato and Panasia Co Conclude Ballast Water Treatment Systems Agreement

BLRT Rekato – subsidiary of Estonian industrial concern BLRT Grupp – concluded an agent agreement with Korean company Panasia Co. which is a production leader of ship systems among which are well-proven Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS).

According to development director of BLRT Rekato Andrei Shalov, concluded agreement gives an opportunity to install and service world-quality products produced in Korea in Estonia and around Baltic region. “Now our present and future customers may be sure that the solutions offered to them are the most suitable. Our long experience allows to guarantee proper quality of their installation and service,“ emphasised Shalov.

In turn, member of the board of BLRT Rekato Jevgeni Beljanin pointed out that realisation of this project will allow to significantly increase scope of performed works and to establish additional workplaces. He also emphasised that there are plans to develop this project together with colleagues from Finland and Lithuania.

In September BLRT Rekato will present as a part of cooperation the most interesting and popular ballast water treatment unit GloEn-Patrol™ on the exhibition „Neva“.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems developed in Korea comply with requirements of IMO BMW Convention, Appendix D, Rule D-2 Ballastwater Performance Standard. It is officially approved according to the governing principles of Ballast Water Management Systems (G8), in accordance with the resolution MEPC.125 (53). In addition, it complies with IMO MERC according to the approval procedure for Ballast Water Treatment Systems which use active ingredients (G9), resolution of MERC. 1268 (53). Systems have DNV certificate (explosion-proof type) and comply with ATEX governing principles.

Panasia Co. is the leading company on the market of ship system production. Established in Korea in 1989, the company achieved success in the field of automatic operation technology development and production of measuring equipment, ballast water treatment systems, exhaust treatment systems, etc.

BLRT Rekato was established in 1995 by the concern BLRT Grupp and it specialises in production and installation of ship pipeline in the course of ship’s constructions, repair or modernisation. It has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd certificates and licences of Estonian Water Transport Department and Estonian Centre of Technical Control. Welders are certified by Lloyd and Germanischer Lloyd.

The concern BLRT Grupp consists of 66 subsidiaries and 13 joint ventures which operate in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. The main branches of activity are shipbuilding, ship repair, production of high-technology metal structures, machine building, processing of scrap metal, stevedoring and port service, and metal and industrial gases trading.,

Source: bsr, August 3, 2011.