“ETICA IP” ROV & USV a staunch green ally for the blue economy indystry & ocean sustainability

By Ioana Laura Grigore.

Our concept of blue economy & ocean sustainability in offshore industry

We strongly believe that the priority of this sector has always been to have a low environmental impact getting the maximum benefits in terms of green energy. For this reason we have developed “ETICA IP “ that comes to the aid of this very important industry, with an approach and a working method designed primarly to safeguard the marine life and the safety of human being.  The Integrated Platform was born to explore the seabed  without altering the Aquatic Ecosystems, and moreover with highest level of monitoring capacity in real time.

High precision in data aquisition & real time monitoring

Nowadays having a better monitoring during surface & subsea operations is often synonymous with savings in economic terms today and in the future. For the realization of new plants,  the accuracy and the data  proccessing in real – time often corresponds to a cost reduction of the plant realization itselfs.  These are just some goals already achieved  that we can provide through “ETICA IP” . 

The integrated platform “ETICA IP” ROV & USV

The Integrated Platform is the result of an Italian work and know-how, born from a deep love for the sea and the ocean’s sustainability, together with the great desire to give a concrete contribution in order to improve the use of renewable energy in the blue economy industry.

With a scalability of 100%, customization according to  customer’s needs about distances, energy performance and services …“ETICA IP”   incorporates all the features to meet any kind of request for  surface & subsea survey and monitoring. Wherever should operate:  sea, lakes or dams, doesn’t matter we keep  the same standards in all cases!

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The Sea Opportunities realized projects

One of the most important and recent projects that we have successfully carried out was the assistance and monitoring of the seabed during the laying of optical fiber for the “TRANS-ADRIATIC -PIPELINE” on the Albanian shore of the Adriatic Sea

The Sea Opportunities new project:

Aquaculture project into the Adriatic Sea

The EU’S BLUE GROWTH STRATEGY recognized acquaculture as a sector that could boost economic growth across europe create new jobs, thus improving the social benefits.

Our Water Project includes a platform that provides the farmers with the 360° data of their fishes and farm, the ROV that is equipped with a full hd/4k camera and an innovative a.i able to acknowledge fishes behavior.

About The Sea Opportunities

The Sea Opportunities is an innovative italian company founded in 2017 after 20 years of experience and research of the founder.  We offer our  know how & consulting for R & D, underwater engineering, Software & Hardware develop, Production and Sale of new Underwater Technologies, Robotics, Sensors, with the best value for money, intended to be used mainly in the underwater industry.

Discover more about us on the below website www.theseaopportunities.com and on LinkedIn.

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