ETIP Ocean webinar with DTOceanPlus rescheduled

ETIP Ocean and DTOceanPlus have rescheduled the webinar aimed to describe the general concepts of the ocean energy systems Structured Innovation Design Tool.

The webinar, rescheduled due to technical problems last week, will now take place on 6 April, at the same time at 3 pm BST / 4 pm CEST.

The third and last joint webinar will focus on a Structured Innovation design tool that DTOceanPlus is developing for concept creation, selection and design of ocean energy systems.

The design tool supports the decision-making of several user types, including technology developers, public funders, and investors, intended to provoke innovation and to help represent the voice of the stakeholders through the design process, manage risk and therefore produce new concepts for ocean energy systems.

Led by the Energy Systems Catapult, the project representatives will describe the general concepts of the Structured innovation design tool, its practical implementation, and future work.