Illustration/MARMOK-A5 wave energy device (Courtesy of IDOM Consulting)

EuropeWave picks lucky seven

The €20 million EuropeWave scheme has selected seven wave energy projects for support to further develop their device concepts in the first half of 2022.

Illustration/MARMOK-A5 wave energy device (Courtesy of IDOM Consulting)
Illustration/MARMOK-A5 wave energy device (Courtesy of IDOM Consulting)
Illustration/MARMOK-A5 wave energy device (Courtesy of IDOM Consulting)

The projects were selected as part of EuropeWave’s innovative pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process, and will share a budget of €2.4 million to streamline their technologies.

The seven successful companies and projects – subject to contract – include Waveram, Mocean Energy for its Blue Horizon 250 scheme, IDOM Consulting for the MARMOK Atlantic project, and CETO Wave Energy Ireland with its ACHIEVE project.

Also, Bombora Wave Power was successful with mWave project, along with Arrecife Energy Systems for Trimaran, and AMOG Consulting with its Sea-Saw WEC project.

Following the completion of the first stage, five most promising technologies will then be selected to progress to a second phase, where project teams will undertake more extensive design, modelling and testing.

The final phase of EuropeWave will select three devices for testing in real sea conditions off the coasts of the Basque Country and Scotland in 2025.

Cabinet secretary for net-zero, energy and transport, Michael Matheson, said: “The EuropeWave project demonstrates Scotland’s desire to collaborate with European partners to drive forward our shared aims and objectives towards green energy, and I look forward to seeing this project support and further develop this technology on our journey to a net-zero economy”.

Basque minister for economic development, sustainability, and environment, Arantxa Tapia, added: “This project is an ideal platform for collaboration between regions to promote a new sector that contributes to the energy transition in Europe, creating a new economy and employment for our citizens. It sets a good example of how things should be at every interregional EU level.”

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, commented: “Awarding the most promising solutions from a sea of emerging technologies is essential to gain investor confidence and kick-start this new industry. EuropeWave aims to support technologies that prove themselves and propel them to the commercial stage. It will path the way towards a carbon-neutral future”.

The EuropeWave project, a five-year collaborative R&D funding programme, is a partnership between Wave Energy Scotland (WES) and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE).

Match-funded by the European Commission via its Horizon2020 programme, this transnational collaboration will channel almost €20 million to procure the most promising wave energy technology solutions from developers across Europe and beyond.

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