Everfuel’s HySynergy start-up postponed for second half of 2024

Danish green hydrogen company Everfuel has announced a delay in the commissioning of HySynergy 1, its 20 MW green hydrogen production plant in Fredericia, Denmark.

Courtesy of Everfuel

The company revealed that even though the main electrolyzer facility is ready for start-up, some sub-systems experience delays following commissioning tests, impacting the planned start-up of the HySynergy 1, with production now expected to commence in the second half of 2024.

According to Everfuel, the commissioning of the main compressor, final validation of the high-pressure system and completion of the automation and software system are affected.

Testing, verification and certification are being executed in close cooperation with the electrolyzer supplier Nel, as well as with other sub-suppliers with a focus on high-pressure systems, compressors and finalization of software and automation, documentation and certifications, Everfuel said, adding that leakage was detected in February 2024.

Since the detection of this leakage, the electrolyzer supplier has been working on completing the rebuild of the deoxidizer, which removes oxygen and moisture from the hydrogen flow as part of the electrolyzer’s high-pressure auxiliary system, Everfuel informed, noting that the supplier has implemented a solution currently awaiting pressure equipment directive (PED) certification.

Everfuel claimed that the company has implemented additional safety measures to ensure the integrity of the plant resulting in the identification of leakage during the verification test of the rebuild gas holder, which serves a pressure balancing and safety function. This unit requires an onsite rebuild and solutions are currently being investigated by the electrolyzer supplier, the company said.

Jacob Krogsgaard, Founder and CEO of Everfuel, commented: “Implementation of a safe and long-term sustainable hydrogen production facility is of the absolute highest priority of Everfuel. We are working very closely with partners and suppliers to make sure this is completed in a good collaborative manner as fast as possible. Pioneering the hydrogen industry is a challenge for all participants. Together we will succeed, building unique competences along the way, positioning us to capitalise on the fast-growing hydrogen market.”

Håkon Volldal, Nel’s CEO, stated: “We are currently experiencing some technical challenges related to a couple of Balance of Plant modules that Nel has the responsibility for. Although these modules are not part of Nel’s current standard project scope, we remain committed to fixing the problems in close cooperation with Everfuel’s team. Nel will also support Everfuel on other technical challenges, which are not part of Nel’s scope of supply, in order to bring HySynergy 1 safely into operation as soon as possible.”

To note, HySynergy 1 was initially expected to commence commercial operations in the second quarter of 2023. Then, in November 2023, Everfuel provided updates on the project, estimating the start-up of the production for the first quarter of 2024.

HySynergy 1 was acquired in late September 2023 by Everfuel’s joint venture (JV) with Hy24 as the first investment under the €200 million framework.

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