EWC Provides Update on Sengkang LNG Project, Indonesia

EWC Provides Update on Sengkang LNG Project, Indonesia

Energy World Corporation (EWC) said in a statement that major equipments of approximately 5.000 tonnes and with an ex-work value in excess of US$200 million for the Sengkang LNG Project (including four cold boxes each with a capacity of 0.5Mtpa) are being shipped to the project site.

To ensure maximum safety and security, these equipments were shipped separately.

The company said that the first shipment of major equipments together with two cold boxes have recently arnved in Keera, Indonesia and have been successfully offloaded onto site.

Contracts for foundation works have been placed, and these foundation works to enable the equipment to be erected and installed will commence shortly. Other site works are ongoing.

Further major equipment together with two additional cold boxes are currently being transported on the MV Fairload to site in Keera, Indonesia and are expected to arrive within the next two weeks.

The Company was advised by its shippers that this longer than expected arrival time is a result of an extended delay faced by the MV Fairload in Port Headland. Australia, and was due to measures beyond the company’s control.

The company understands that the MV Fairload has recently departed Port Headland bound for Keera, Indonesia.

Shipping of other major equipment such as Siemens Compressors, Electric Drive Motors and LNG Loading Arms will continue during the coming months, the company said.


LNG World News Staff, August 15, 2012; Image: EWC