Expro to Celebrate 40 Years of Technology at 2013 SPE Offshore Europe, UK

Expro to Celebrate 40 Years of Technology at 2013 SPE Offshore Europe, UK

Leading international oilfield services company, Expro, will celebrate 40 years of pioneering well flow management with a range of new technology at the 2013 SPE Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, from 3-6 September.

Expro will showcase its prototype HawkEye V downhole camera, new HP/HT Drill Stem Testing (DST) BigCat™ packer, and Expro Annulus operated Circulating and Test (ExACT™) tool.

The new HawkEye V downhole camera offers market-leading imaging capability and information, to develop cost-effective remediation solutions for complex wellbore flow restrictions, obstacles and reservoir management. HawkEye V features 300°F capability, bi-directional side view rotation/scan, with enhanced quality picturing and software.

A range of Expro’s cameras, calipers and logging tools will also be on show, to assist in demonstrating Expro’s global wireline intervention capabilities.

The new DST BigCat packer provides a high strength, single-trip retrievable alternative to seal-bore packers in HP/HT well tests. The fully annulus-operated ExACT tool – which is the most advanced tool of its kind – combines downhole shut-in and circulating functionality. Rated at 15K psi and temperatures of up to 450°F, ExACT features minimal, fast cycling to position the ball and ports in the required position.

In addition to new product launches, Expro features some of its most recent market-leading products, including SafeWells well integrity software and Advanced Reservoir Testing (ART) services using the Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS™).

Expro’s SafeWells well integrity data management solution was developed in collaboration with industry, to allow well integrity to be monitored in real time and provide a clear overview of asset integrity. A full demonstration will be available on the stand, highlighting how this is customised to operator requirements, in alignment with company, legislation and industry best practice.

CaTS is a revolutionary development in the field of reservoir monitoring and control, which can be retrofitted into existing wells and transmits high quality pressure and temperature data to surface in real-time using the well’s casing as a conduit for the signal to transfer along.

ART is a special application of CaTS that enables permanently abandoned E&A wells, zones or pilot holes to be cost effectively converted into long term, high value monitoring assets. The CaTS data is proving of value in reducing uncertainties in reservoir connectivity and identifying any far boundaries. Using an electromagnetic signal, CaTS is not influenced by cemented pipe, cement plugs or bridge plugs meaning that the well can be permanently abandoned with no further well intervention required.

A full range of other products and services are being demonstrated at the stand, including Expro’s market leading subsea landing strings and the SONAR non-intrusive clamp on meter.

Charles Woodburn, Expro’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We are delighted to join SPE Offshore Europe in celebrating 40 years of success, which for Expro, is a testament to the continued expertise and commitment from our 5,000+ employees across the world.

“Looking to the next 40 years, it is important that we continue to drive forward our commitment to technology and innovation, which is highlighted through our record year of investment in R&D and new equipment.

“Our range of new technologies, as well as our existing market-leading products and services, demonstrate Expro’s commitment to both customers and the wider industry. With a firm focus on safety and quality, we continue to enhance our portfolio and position as a global leader of well flow management solutions, from exploration and appraisal through to abandonment.”

Expro’s Product Line, Expro Meters, will also present a paper at the Reservoir Evaluation technical session on Friday 6 September from 9.30-12.30pm. The SPE sponsored paper, co-authored with Marathon Oil, is entitled ‘Use of Sonar Metering to Optimize Production in Liquid Loading Prone Gas Wells.


Press Release, September 03, 2013

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