Falcon ROV to support subsea ops in Turkish waters

ARAS Marine has purchased a deep-rated Saab Seaeye Falcon remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to support the company’s operations in international and Turkish territorial waters.

Source: Saab Seaeye

Turkish marine operations company undertakes projects ranging from marine construction and offshore supply services, to seismic research support, emergency response and salvage and wreck removal.

Falcon ROV (Courtesy of Saab Seaeye)

According to Saab Seaeye, ARAS’s 1000 metre depth-rated Falcon comes complete with a fibre optic upgrade, manipulator, soft rope cutter, cameras, Tritech sonar and Applied Acoustics’ USBL system with the option of adding further systems at any time.

“The ease of adding systems comes from the Falcon’s iCON intelligent distributed control architecture. Module-focused iCON endows each device with its own microprocessor for individual control — a concept that also makes it future-flexible for evolving technologies”, said Saab Seaeye.

“As the world’s top selling robot of its class, the Falcon’s 20-year success comes from being a portable, metre-sized, intelligent, powerful, five-thruster, highly manoeuvrable, multi-tasking, easy to use vehicle, depth rated to 1000 metres”.

At the beginning of the year, the Falcon ROV was selected by MOST Maritime to assist in the detection of hazardous substances in waters offshore Turkey.

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