Fire breaks out at Prelude FLNG construction site

A fire outbreak incident struck a construction site of Shell’s Prelude – the world’s largest floating LNG facility, being built in South Korea.

In a statement to Offshore Energy Today, a Shell spokesman said: “Shell can confirm there was an incident on the Prelude construction site last week that led to a small fire. Emergency response processes were activated effectively as per plan.”

“Two people received medical treatment for minor smoke inhalation – they were fit to return to work the next day.”

The spokesperson said that construction activity resumed immediately, and the cause of the incident is being investigated.

“The safety of our people is our first priority,” the spokesperson added.

Offshore Energy Today has learned that the incident is not expected to impact the project’s schedule. However, the exact delivery date has yet to be revealed by Shell. Shell has said that it expects Prelude to have an impact on cash flow from operations from 2018.

The Australian media have speculated that the Prelude FLNG facility is two years late, around $8 billion over budget, and not expected to produce LNG before 2018, as well.

The Shell Prelude FLNG facility will measure 488 meters from bow to stern and will weigh around 600,000 tons when fully loaded. It will contain 260,000 tons of steel, and its deck area will be longer than four football fields.

Once delivered, the facility will be towed to its location, some 475 kilometers north-east of Broome, Western Australia, to the namesake gas field. Posh Terasea will conduct the tow using five vessels. Once at location the facility will be moored and connected to the undersea infrastructure and the whole production system commissioned.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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