VIDEO: First steel cut for innovative offshore jack-up unit

On April 18th, 2014, Nantong Blue Island Offshore Co., Ltd. and Singapore-based Calm Oceans Pte. Ltd. held a steel cutting ceremony for the CO-101 MCP, 500 feet jack-up platform at the Nantong Blue Island shipyard in Qidong, China.

First Steel cut for innovative jack-up platform

MCP stands for Mono Column Platform, a jack-up design co-developed by Brian Chang and Peter William Nimmo. Calm Ocean 101 (CO-101) is the first MCP jack up that the company is currently building on speculation and unit will be ready in Q4-2014.

The MCP is a combination of a fixed jacket, a square truss leg, mat foundation and jacking system into one. The 1st MCP, Calm Ocean 101 will be capable to operate in water depth up to 500 feet. Depending on final usage it will be outfitted with modular equipment to serve its contract.


First Steel cut for innovative jack-up platform (2)

 According to Calm Oceans Pte. Ltd.,  American Bureau Society (ABS) Singapore is reviewing design calculations for the unit, and subject to the review being completed CO-101 is expected to be classed by ABS to Mobile Offshore Unit.

The CO-101 will be capable to operate in soft seabed environment in 30 feet water depth to 500 feet water depth in hard seabed. The CO-101 can withstand up to 29m tall waves at 400 feet water depth and 22m tall  waves at 500 feet water depth.

For more information on the CO-101 design click here.


 April 23, 2014