Photo: Mantoudi Skiathos Interconnection – Courtesy First Subsea and ASSO Subsea

First Subsea guards Skiathos interconnection

UK-based First Subsea has designed and delivered cable protection system for Mantoudi Skiathos Interconnection project.

The Interconnection of Skiathos includes the installation of submarine and underground cables in Evia and Skiathos and the construction of a substation.

In January last year, Greek TSO ADMIE awarded cabling contract to Hellenic Cables and its subsidiary Fulgor.

Specifically, the contract worth approximately €43 million, entailed the supply and installation of the submarine and underground cable system.

This included the design and manufacturing of 30 kilometers of 150 kV submarine cable system, its subsea installation and protection as well as its connection to the 150 kV transmission system in Mantoudi area, Evia.

Greek contractor Asso.subsea laid the 30 kilometres of subsea cable and installed the cable protection in predefined locations utilising its cable lay vessel Atalanti.

First Subsea designed, manufactured and supplied the CPS in a six week period.

The cable laying operations successfully wrapped up on Christmas Eve 2020.

According to First Subsea, developer IPTO as well as the main contractor Fulgor expressed their satisfaction for the execution and timely completion of the works.

Nigel Shelton, project manager, First Subsea, said: “It was pleasure to work with Asso.subsea team and we were pleased to hear that the installation of our products was performed seamlessly.”