First Wind Turbine for Nissum Bredning to Sail Out of Esbjerg Port

Image source: Port of Esbjerg

Components for the first Siemens 7MW wind turbine to be installed at Nissum Bredning are expected to sail out of the Port of Esbjerg late tonight, 13 November, onboard the Osprey Valiant barge. 

The project’s four turbines will be installed directly from the barge by using a large LR 11350 crane. The turbines will be grid-connected using Siemens new cable and turbine concept with a 66kV voltage.

Image source: Port of Esbjerg

The last out of the total of four gravity jacket foundations has been recently installed at the offshore site in Denmark. The foundations, another concept from Siemens, feature concrete transition pieces.

Nissum Bredning offshore wind farm, which serves as a testbed for Siemens’ technology, will get support by receiving a guaranteed feed-in tariff of DKK 0.7/kWh (EUR 0.09/kWh) for the initial 10 years for the first 50,000 full load hours of operation.

According to Siemens, the commercial aspect of the offshore wind technology to be tested in the project is expected to show a significant positive impact on the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE).