Flagler County Kicks Off Canals Dredging Work

Drainage canals and ditches in western Flagler County were evaluated for maintenance needs and clearing work has begun, the Flagler County Government said in its latest release. 

Flagler County staff finished its assessment on Thursday, July 23, and immediately started clearing a 1.5 mile section of canal that runs along the east side of County Road 305 between County Road 302 to Santana Street, said Road and Bridge Manager Alex Spiller.

Flagler County is using its long-reach excavator and two dump trucks for clearing and hauling, as well as two flaggers to ensure the safety of area residents and motorists.

Keeping the canals clear is so important to our residents on the west side,” said County Commissioner Nate McLaughlin. “I didn’t let the issue rest, and kept it at the forefront of discussions until we were able to get this long-reach excavator. This will greatly improve our capability for ongoing maintenance.”

Work clearing this first stretch of canal is expected to continue through the end of this week. Canal and ditch remediation will continue through the end of January.

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