Floating Solar System Installed in Lancashire

A solar system has been anchored on the Langthwaite Reservoir in Lancashire, UK, by Northern Pontoon using a 3,000kg working load limit (WLL) lightweight gantry crane from Reid Lifting.

The floating array features approximately 3,700 pontoon modules and 3,520 solar panels.

The 7,200 square-meter system will provide a megawatt of power, equivalent to the needs of 200 homes.

The Porta-Gantry crane from Reid was onsite for three weeks at varying intervals during the eight-week project.

Northern Pontoon sourced the gantry, chain block, and other equipment from Gap Hire Solutions.

Lisa Morris, sales manager at Northern Pontoon, said: “The gantry enabled us to drop the anchor blocks for the sea flex anchoring system. We used it to pull the ropes from the anchor block to a set tension to the attached floating array. This allows for the rise and fall of the structure. We found the solution online and, upon consultation with our contacts at Gap, the equipment was delivered to the site. We regularly source product from them and, once again, they facilitated a successful material handling solution; we would certainly consider implementing it again.”

The pontoon carried personnel, equipment, safety fencing, and other equipment.