Fluidmecanica Implements New Version of Its Simulator

Fluidmecanica has implemented the new version 11 of its simulator in the Nautical School of Ribeira, and installed new computers, screens and speakers, improving the speed, presentation and sound.

Fluidmecanica Implements New Version of Its Simulator

The new version 11 includes the following advantages:

  • Greater speed of execution with most appropriate responses to the reality of a ship
  • Improvements in graphics in some displays
  • Best sound effects, optimization and operation
  • Elimination bug in synchronized coupling failure of diesel generators
  • New program, with regeneration of current software

Fluidmecanica also features updates and a new integrated simulator of fishing and navigation with the following improvements:

  • AIS&ECDIS equipment added to the simulator
  • New types of fishing (twin rigging & bottom seining)
  • Scantrol or Marelec type fishing control system

In the field of simulators, Fluidmecanica has excelled in simulation of navigation equipment mainly in the engine room. There are equipment in operation since 1991 in different polytechnic schools in Galicia.

The advantage of Fluidmecanica´s simulators is that it combines the software with realistic interfaces man-machine like push-buttons, lights, joysticks, etc. In this way it is possible to take out of simulator real items that the student will find on board.

The simulator is built in modules therefore it is possible to start with a basic configuration and when will be necessary you can add modules and systems to the basic configuration easily.


Press Release, January 29, 2014



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