UK player anticipates ‘phased build-up to double’ output at North Sea gas project after bringing it back online

Following restart, IOG working to double North Sea gas project output

UK-headquartered IOG plc is looking forward to a phased increase to double the output at its Saturn Banks Project – Phase 1, located in the UK sector of the North Sea, after restoring the production following modifications to the terminal operated by Perenco (UK) Limited (PUK).

Blythe platform; Source: IOG

Last week, IOG revealed that the production at the Saturn Banks gas project was shut in following liquids handling issues discovered by Perenco, explaining that a drainage system deficiency was found in two recycle compressors in the Perenco Bacton terminal’s Condensate Stabilisation Unit (CSU).

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In an update on Wednesday, IOG confirmed that following a PUK modification to one of the CSU’s compressors, the production at the Saturn Banks gas project was duly restored at an initial level of approximately 30 mmscf/d on 31 May 2022.

The company also reaffirmed that the modification of the second compressor was expected to take approximately one more week to enable the production from the project to be gradually restored to its prior stabilised levels of 55-65 mmscf/d over the following weeks.

In addition, IOG emphasises that this is expected to be a gradual process to manage the high levels of liquids currently being worked through the Saturn Banks Pipeline System.

Andrew Hockey, CEO of IOG, commented: “IOG, Perenco and ODE Asset Management have collaborated well to facilitate rapid execution of the PUK terminal modification and allow our production to be resumed at 30 mmscf/d. We look forward to a phased build-up to double that level as fast as technically feasible over the coming weeks.”

The IOG-operated Saturn Banks Project – Phase 1, which was sanctioned in October 2019, consists of BlytheElgood, and Southwark fields in the UK Southern North Sea. The first two fields – Blythe and Elgood – were brought on stream in mid-March 2022. IOG holds a 50 per cent stake in this project and its partner CalEnergy Resources holds the remaining 50 per cent.

The normally unmanned Blythe platform, connected to Saturn Banks Pipeline System that feeds into the associated Saturn Banks Reception Facilities at the Bacton terminal, is used for Blythe and Elgood production.