Forland finds work for ‘Lewek Inspector’

Forland Subsea has entered into a time charter party with a ‘major international contractor’ for the vessel Lewek Inspector for which Ezra may be facing winding-up procedure before the court. 

The shipping company said on Monday that the expected charter period for the inspection, maintenance & repair vessel with the unnamed international contractor is about three weeks. The vessel will start working this week.

To remind, at the end of last year, EMAS AMC was not able to pay charter hire for the vessel for October 2016 due to financial distress.

In connection with the above, Forland Subsea and Emas AMC have entered into a stand-still agreement for the duration of the short- term charter. The stand-still agreement allows Forland Subsea to charter the Lewek Inspector without terminating the charter party with EMAS AMC.

Forland Subsea has reserved all of its rights under the Emas AMC charter party and will evaluate its options at the expiry of the stand-still agreement. In the meantime, the company continues to monitor the Emas Chiyoda situation closely, Forland said.

The obligations of Emas AMC are guaranteed by Ezra Holdings Limited, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. In early February, Forland Subsea has called on payment under the guarantee, however, no payments have been received to date.

In response to the non-payment Forland Subsea served a Statutory Demand against Ezra Holdings Ltd in Singapore. If payment under the guarantee continues to be outstanding following the expiry of a three weeks’ notice period, Forland Subsea said it may initiate winding-up procedures before the Singapore courts.

Forland also said that, presently, it is uncertain whether payment under the guarantee will be made.

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