FoundOcean, BASF Introduce MasterFlow 9800

FoundOcean and BASF have launched an integrated material and service system for the provision of a new high strength grout, MasterFlow 9800, in Edinburgh, UK.

According to the company, the high strength grout is the result of over 3 years of joint development, the primary purpose of which has been to deliver improvements in productivity and safety when grouting offshore structures.

“FoundOcean recognised a need amongst its customers for a material that could provide high early strength development and low temperature performance, yet also offer increased efficiency, safety and cleanliness,” comments Managing Director Jim Bell on the motivation behind the new development. “MasterFlow 9800 will contribute to driving down the installed cost of offshore renewable energy”.

MasterFlow 9800 is set to revolutionise offshore grouting, by introducing a high strength grout with unrivalled operational advantages.

The company says that the material is able to be shipped and stored in silos rather than bags, facilitating quayside storage in all weathers, more flexibility in deck layout and no requirement for bag or container lifting during grouting operations and dockside resupplies.

“Demanding offshore challenges have set extremely high requirements for the grout and grouting works in the development of MasterFlow 9800. Aligning the excellent properties of the new offshore grout with the operational advantages of FoundOcean’s continuous mixing and pumping equipment will bring major health and safety improvements and installation cost reductions,” says Luc Westhof, Global Key Account Manager at BASF Construction Chemicals.