Pilot Project BRIZO in Risør, Norway. Source: Fred. Olsen 1848

Fred. Olsen 1848’s floating solar pilot makes a splash

Oslo-headquartered Fred. Olsen 1848 has deployed its pilot floating solar project at sea in Norway, with commissioning scheduled for spring.

Pilot Project BRIZO in Risør, Norway. Source: Fred. Olsen 1848

Fred. Olsen 1848 sees the 50×50 meter, 124 kW pilot project in Risør as a testing ground for refining the components of its floating PV technology. 

The next steps include transitioning the technology behind BRIZO to the next phase, with a focus on foundational design work to facilitate the development of a 3 MW first-unit project that is tailored for commercial application.

The Norwegian company said that the process was very educating and exciting, with additional knowledge and know-how to be taken for the next phases, and the insights acquired from deploying and operating the pilot will be helpful in optimizing its technology, ensuring that the system is crafted for commercial viability.

“The process of installing BRIZO in Risør, Norway has gone as expected with a successful outcome. We are delighted to be able to showcase the fundamentals of BRIZO working in a real-life setting and using the knowledge gained from the deployment and operation of BRIZO to fine-tune our components for upcoming projects for commercial use,” said Geir Grimsrud, CTO of Fred. Olsen 1848.

The BRIZO project is designed to follow the motion of the ocean and the floating solar modules can move individually within a pre-tensioned rope mesh, allowing them to adjust to various environmental conditions. 

The company said that this feature enables them to function effectively in inland waterbodies as well as near and offshore locations. The mesh and mooring system help the overall stability and longevity of BRIZO, distributing wave and wind loads.

Another characteristic of BRIZO is that it features an integrated O&M catamaran, which is said to set a benchmark for cost-effective maintenance in floating PV systems.

To remind, Fred. Olsen 1848 was established at the end of 2021 by Norway’s Bounheur ASA. The company is dedicated to developing and commercializing new technologies related to renewable energy such as floating offshore wind and floating solar.

Bolette, the company’s solution said to unlock the potential of near- and offshore floating solar by allowing PV modules to move freely and independently, was launched in June 2023.

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