French Company to Use Dragflow DRP150 Dredge

Dragflow, an Italian producer of dredging equipment, is about to deliver one of its units to a sand and gravel producer based in France.

Image source: Dragflow

According to the company, the customer will use the DRP150 remote controlled dredge with a high head dredging pump to dredge the sedimentation ponds next to their washing plant.

The entire area of the pond needs to be dredged and the material pumped at a distance of 1000m.

The combination of the DRP remote controlled dredge and a high-head dredging pump like the EL1204 allows the client to work in a safe and efficient way, reported Dragflow.

The dredge can be displaced using winches, which use steel cables for precise dredge movements, or it can move independently using two electric propellers mounted on the sides of the pontoon.

The dredge is equipped with advanced electronic controls that monitor weight, inclination and other parameters of the equipment in order to protect the operator from most cases of misuse.