A photo of the Fugro Scout survey vessel

Fugro finishes Erebus geotechnical campaign offshore Wales

Blue Gem Wind, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Simply Blue Group, has completed its geotechnical campaign for the 100 MW Erebus Test and Demonstration floating offshore wind project in Wales.


The surveys, led by the Dutch geo-data specialist Fugro, included the acquisition of sub-seabed data using borehole, vibrocore, and cone penetration test techniques utilising Fugro Scout for the offshore scope and the Aran® 120 jack-up barge for the nearshore locations.

The samples will now undergo laboratory testing and analysis and the data used to inform detailed design for offshore cables and anchoring as well as further preparation for the construction phase, said Fugro.

The campaign included detailed geotechnical sampling at our proposed landfall site, cable corridor and array area. Alongside this Fugro led marine survey activity, we have also completed a second year of offshore floating LiDAR wind and metocean data acquisition led by Eolos and demobilised our supporting onshore met mast after 2-years of operation led by Solar Wheel“, said Julius Besterman, Technical Manager at Blue Gem Wind.

This marks the successful culmination of the planned development phase surveys for Erebus and provides us with a comprehensive data set to inform our floating wind designs.”

Blue Gem Wind secured a marine license for the Erebus floating wind project in February 2023. A few months later, the wind farm, located 40 kilometres off the coast of Pembrokeshire, was given the green light by the Welsh Government.

TotalEnergies and Simply Blue Group established Blue Gem Wind in March 2020 to develop floating offshore wind projects in the Welsh waters of the Celtic Sea.

Shortly after, the partnership secured seabed rights to develop the 100 MW Erebus project, Wales’ first floating offshore wind farm.

The second floating wind project being conducted by Blu Gem Wind in the Celtic Sea is the Valorous project, located some 50 kilometres South West of the Pembrokeshire coastline.