Fujian’s 1st battery-powered cruise ship hits the water

Fujian’s first pure battery-powered cruise ship has been launched at Fujian Funing Shipbuilding Co., the battery-powered ship assembly base of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company.


As informed, the leaders of  Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company Limited, Fuzhou Liangjiang Si’an Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., Ningde Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Fuzhou Waterway Transportation Development Center, and CCS Fuzhou Branch atended the launching of the vessel Moli.

The ship is 27.66 meters long, 7 meters wide and 1.9 meters deep, and can carry 102 passengers. The capacity of the battery is 840 kW·h, providing sufficient power for 70 km sailing. The vessel is classed by China Classification Society (CCS).

The ferry Moli will be mainly used for sightseeing on the two rivers and four shorelines of Fuzhou (Cangxia WharfJiangxin Park WharfYantai Mountain Wharf).

The ship is a demonstration project of the “Electric Fujian” series of policies in Fujian Province. During the construction process, Fuzhou Branch helped the shipyard to overcome technical difficulties including welding of steel aluminum transition joints, installation of fireproof bulkhead, and demonstration of reversible mast schemes