GAC and GBF debut biofuel lifting at Ireland’s first clean fuels terminal

UK biofuel supplier Green Biofuels (GBF) has teamed up with GAC Ireland, a provider of ship agency services at all major Irish ports, to complete the first lifting of renewable drop in diesel fuel (GD+) from GBF’s Cork Terminal, also known as Ireland’s first clean fuels terminal.

Courtesy of GAC

The first 39,000-litre lifting of GD+ fuel, which is made from renewable feedstocks and reduces harmful emissions by up to 90%, was completed in April. As informed, the fuel was heading for Mullingar in central Ireland where it will be used for several applications.

The Cork Terminal was launched in February this year and GAC Ireland has been appointed to operate and maintain GBF’s terminal from March.

Under the agreement, GAC provides terminal management services at the site, including providing terminal operators, loading masters and jetty operators who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the terminal, discharging fuel from vessels and overseeing the loading of fuel onto trucks for delivery.

The beginning of operations at its own facility is said to be a major milestone for GBF which previously leased tanks in the UK through third parties.

Alex Azadegan, GBF’s Operations Manager, said: “We awarded GAC the management of the terminal due to the experience and expertise of their people and their superb safety, environmental and reliability ethos. We believe these are the principal ingredients required to successfully deliver a visionary, new facility.”

Nicholas Browne, Managing Director of GAC UK & Ireland, added: “Together with GAC Bunker Fuels, we are committed to facilitating the growth of biofuels as an alternative fuel of the future throughout the UK and Ireland. It is fantastic to support GBF and to work with the Port of Cork on this project.”

The Cork Terminal currently only handles GD+ but options to store other clean fuels there are being explored. The current capacity of 38 million is set to increase to 53 million with further development.

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