Gallery: CIMC mates Frigstad’s second semi-sub

China’s rig builder CIMC Raffles completed the mating of the upper and lower hull for Frigstad Deepwater’s second ultra-deep-water semi-submersible drilling rig, Frigstad Kristiansand, in Yantai Shipyard on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. 

CIMC Raffles noted that this was the 13th mating time for its Taisun Crane that allows parallel construction for the upper and lower hull.

Frigstad Kristiansand adopts Frigstad D90 basic design, and its detailed and production designs are completed by CIMC Raffles. The rig can operate in up to 3,658 meter, and drill up to 15,250 meter. It is equipped with DP3 system and dual derrick, and classed by DNV.

Compared with Frigstad Deepwater rig’s first D90 rig with a project name Alfa, later named Frigstad Shekou, Frigstad Kristiansand reduces to 2.5 million working hours, the builder said.

To remind, Frigstad ordered two 7th generation drilling units of the Frigstad D90 design from CIMC Raffles in January 2013, with options for another four units.

According to the deal, the first two drilling rigs were initially scheduled for delivery at the end of 4Q 2015 and 2Q 2016, respectively, and the total project cost was approximately $1.3 billion exclusive of financing cost.

Although initially scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2015, Frigstad’s first 7th generation drilling rig, Frigstad Shekou, still has not been delivered as its delivery date was postponed for 2016.

Further, the delivery date for Frigstad Kristiansand was pushed to 2017.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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