“Game changing” FLNG offloading solution at OTC 2016

HiLoad LNG, a subsidiary of Sevan Marine, and Technip, a French oilfield services provider, presented the HiLoad LNG Parallel Loading System (PLS) at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

In a statement on Thursday, Sevan Marine disclosed several characteristics of the new PLS system displayed at OTC 2016. The company said that this system utilizes the HiLoad LNG unit for station keeping and Technip’s cryogenic flexible aerial pipes to transfer LNG from a FLNG unit, which can be either a Sevan Marine Cylindrical unit or ship shaped FLNG, to a fully conventional LNGC with no modifications necessary.

The combination of the HiLoad LNG unit and Technip’s proven cryogenic pipes was, according to the statement, simulated last year at MARIN’s facilities in Holland. Sevan Marine said the successful outcome of this simulation demonstrated the ability of the system to maintain vessel separation of 100 meters or more in rough environmental conditions and with a minimum length of the LNG transfer lines. The company stated that this comes as a successful outcome of over 2 years of non-exclusive development cooperation between Technip and HiLoad LNG including studies paid for by Technip in 2014 and 2015.

Sevan Marine also said that the HiLoad LNG Parallel Loading System can also be used with other transfer solutions such as a floating cryogenic hose.

The company also said that Sevan Marine and HiLoad LNG believe that this is an innovation in offloading solutions and “that it will be a game changer for the future of FLNG offloading in years to come.”