Gardline set for survey at UK North Sea gas project

Gardline set for survey at UK North Sea gas project

Oil and gas services provider Hartshead Resources NL (HHR) and its joint venture partner Rockrose Energy have awarded Gardline with a contract to perform a geophysical survey for field developments located in the Southern North Sea.

Source: Hartshead Resources NL

Following a competitive tender and subsequent technical and commercial bid evaluation, Gardline was selected to carry out a geophysical survey of pipeline routes covering the Anning and Somerville field developments.

The 80.4-meter multi-role survey vessel Ocean Observer is planned to be used for the work program, with the mobilization expected in September.

The main objectives of the geophysical survey are to provide the confirmation of the seabed and sub-seabed soil conditions to finalize the design and the efficient installation of the export pipeline route from the Anning and Somerville locations.

“The pipeline route survey is a critical step in our commitment to developing sustainable energy infrastructure while prioritizing safety and environmental preservation. We are dedicated to working closely with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that our pipeline project meets the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility,” said Chris Lewis, Hartshead’s CEO.

The survey will utilize a hull-mounted multibeam echosounder, side-scan sonar towed approximately 8 meters above the seabed, magnetometer piggy-backed to side-scan sonar, hull-mounted sub-bottom profiler, environmental cameras, environmental grab sampler, and a vibrocorer and mini-CPT system to take samples/measurements in the top 6 meters below the seabed.

Hartshead Resources and RockRose announced in mid-July the completion of the geotechnical survey at the gas field developments.

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Discovered in 1969, Anning and Somerville came online in 2008 and 1999, respectively. The fields ceased production in 2015, at which point Somerville had produced 48 bcf of gas and Anning had produced 16 bcf of gas.

RockRose Energy, part of UK-headquartered energy company Viaro Energy, in May wrapped up a farm-in agreement for a 60% working interest in Production Licence P.2607, which includes the Anning and Somerville fields.

Hartshead has retained a 40% working interest in the license.

“We have been very happy with the progress made on the development of Anning and Somerville so far,” said Francesco Mazzagatti, CEO of Viaro Energy. “We are currently preparing our application for the operatorship of the fields and expect the FID to go equally smoothly later in the year.”